Conceive a Girl or Conceive a Boy With Fertility Monitors

Clearblue Easy - Conceive a Girl or Conceive a Boy With Fertility Monitors

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Many population hope to choose the gender of their baby. A opening to raise both genders or feel like your house is unblemished with both is general and foremost to many families. Using a fertility monitor to track your cycle can help you recognize the best timing to try to get pregnant with a girl or get pregnant with a boy.

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Clearblue Easy

What Is a Fertility Monitor?

A basic insight of fertility monitors is important. A monitor (the Clearblue Easy is most common) is not the same as an ovulation test kit. The monitor tests for two separate hormones. It has no "control line" -- ovulation tests (and fertilization tests) have a control line.

Your monitor checks for the hormones estrogen and luteinizing hormone. Your estrogen begins to surge a few days before ovulation is due. Then estrogen levels begin to decline and luteinizing hormone (Lh) starts to surge.

The Lh then falls and after this estrogen and a dinky rise in testosterone indicate that ovulation is occurring.

It sounds like a involved process (and it is) but it nothing else but only takes colse to 48-72 hours for the entire experience!

Your monitor will first pick up the estrogen surge, and description a "High" on the monitor screen. When it detects estrogen levels drop and Lh levels rising, it registers a "Peak." It automatically gives you two Peak days and one High day after those.

The two lines on your test stick are for estrogen and Lh.

Using the Monitor to Conceive a Girl

Studies into hormones and gender choice show that more girls are conceived when the Lh hormone is higher. This means that when your monitor detects its first "Peak" you should have baby-making sex for your girl.

If you've used the monitor for any months and have noticed a clear pattern, you may want to have baby-making sex for a girl on the day before your first usual Peak day (it should be a High day) because your Lh surge may start late that day or overnight before you use the test in the morning.

Using an ovulation predictor test in the evening of your High days can also help you recognize the Lh surge at the earliest inherent moment.

Using the Monitor to Conceive a Boy

Estrogen and Testosterone favor boys. You do have an estrogen surge before your Lh surge in your cycle, as I explained, but it can be hard to be sure you're trying for your son when only estrogen and not Lh is present. Traditionally it's notion that more girls come from having baby-making sex in the few days before ovulation.

Since this is the case, it's best to wait and time baby-making sex for your son on the second day of "Peak" fertility on your monitor. If you're also charting your temperature, this can be critical in helping you back up your timing decision. If you know that you ordinarily confirm ovulation (a temperature shift upwards confirms ovulation) after the first "Peak" on your monitor, go ahead and have baby-making sex then. If you know it comes after the second Peak reading, wait until that second day.

Timing Can Be Confusing

Sometimes timing feels confusing, even when you're using a fertility monitor to help you. Remember timing is only one part of selecting your baby's gender. Don't forget about diet, supplements, and other foremost factors that can help you conceive a girl or conceive a boy!

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